Guernsey Remains Covid-19 Free!!

Guernsey has been Covid – 19 free for 111 days at the time of writing this post which has allowed us to essentially lead normal lives without the need for social distancing and whilst travel off the island has been possible the isolation rules when returning to the island have remained strict and our courts have fined those who deemed it necessary to break those rules (fines of £6000). We have been allowed to visit other islands close by which include Herm, Sark and Alderney and there is an “air bridge” with the Isle of Man who also have no known cases of Covid-19 active at the present time.

Unfortunately Jersey has chosen a different path and has opened their borders to visitors with testing on arrival and at 7 days which has lead to further cases developing in the island which currently stands at 11 and with what appears to be an increase across Europe and the rest of the world it is unlikely that there will be any rest from this virus until a suitable vaccine is produced.

We at Guernsey I hope that all our brothers and sisters stay safe and look out for each other in this difficult time and hope that we can see you on the road soon.

Ride with Pride

Andy ” Jacko” Jackson

Vice President

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