Guernsey Cancer Support


After a year when many have faced and are still facing restrictions in aspects of both their social and work life it was great for Guernsey I to be able to donate £1000 to the local charity, Guernsey Cancer Support. Our choice of charity for 2020 was decided when one of our own started his battle with the “Big C” which thankfully he seems to be winning, the group offers one to one and group support to those affected by cancer whether it is the person diagnosed or the family supporting them and after spending a few hours with them at their Christmas party which included various party games it was clearly evident that they have a passion for what they do.

Guernsey I has been lucky in that as an island we have been able to control the effects of the pandemic which, after an initial lock down we have been able to lead a fairly normal way of life with only travel to and from the Island being restricted, as we move into 2021 it looks like it will be more of the same for most of the world and we will remain in our bubble.

Update: Unfortunately our bubble has burst and as from 23/01/2021 we have returned to lock down but looking forward it looks like March 22nd will be the day that this current lock down is lifted and we return to freedom within our Bailiwick bubble.


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